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Interacting With Your Audience

Social Media Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is crucial to bring more awareness to your company’s website and original content. While social media sites do not directly affect Google search ranks for your brand, it is a medium that makes it easier to create more connections with other companies and consumers. This will increase your overall link building efforts and online brand awareness in general.

The most common social media definition in today’s digital world is word-of-mouth marketing on the largest scale. A social media strategy is your tool for better online public relations and overall brand marketing capabilities. Here are a few more reasons why social media should be implemented in your marketing efforts to create that next viral marketing campaign:

Active Monthly Users: Facebook has 395 million, Twitter has 215 million and Google+ has 359 million
72% of Internet Users are now active on social media
78% of Companies have dedicated social media teams
Facebook accounts for 15.8% of Total Time spent on the internet
The average person spends 37 minutes per day on social networks

Social Media Management

Social media is more than just a tool for online public relations, it is a form of direct marketing and communications with your consumers. Social media today is always improving and changing so you need to be constantly adjusting your strategy to reflect that. Our goal at Seekrette is to stay on top of those changes so your social media marketing plan is at the top of its game.

Social media platforms are a great medium for all your businesses online marketing, customer communications and social networking. How you keep up with current trends and social media statistics will do wonders when handling your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy online. That is why it is important to have a reliable team on your side to teach you the benefits of the best social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, PinTerest, YouTube and more. By understanding all of them better, you will have up on how to create your next guerilla marketing campaign.

At Seekrette we make sure to follow social media news to keep your online marketing strategies fresh. Whether you are working on your next social media campaign or content to post on the various online blogging platforms around. On top of being your online experience consultants, we are your personal social media examiner to help your business be social through simple and high quality user interface design.

Content Marketing Strategy

When looking at your SEM (search engine marketing) strategy producing unique and original content is right at the center of it. It is the future of where SEO is going so taking the time to make sure it helps you rank higher AND reflects your brand is more than worth putting some time into it. Your content is what’s speaking to people online when you’re not there to do it yourself.

There are a number of ways to get your brand out there with unique user content. This can be done through blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and more. Once their produced just share them with your social network through emails, your social media, blog networks and website syndication.

At Seekrette we can work with you to create the best content and strategy for your brand, or provide the means to help you do it all yourself. We collect all the data we need from a variety of software and Google webmaster tools and give it to you, letting you dedicate more time to what makes you so great.

Content Marketing Examples

Your content is what will encourage your visitors to dig a little deeper to find out more about your brand. It tells them who you are, explains your goal, tells them your strength and encourages them to take action. So whether you’re trying to increase your Google search traffic or convert more leads into sales, a content marketing strategy is the first step towards meaningful results.

Original content comes in all sizes, shapes and forms with their own part to play in building your branding strategy. Things like website content, unique blog posts, authority articles, infographics, press releases and other custom content efforts can be done to increase your brand visibility and awareness. At Seekrette we put our creative minds to work to come up with unique content ideas and strategies to make you memorable whether you need:

Optimized Content – We help you optimize your website content by using the Google Keyword Tool to improve keyword research for more niche results. This will help you better reach your target market and provide them with useful information related to their Google search. Your content is the gateway to build a solid network marketing foundation for your brand.

Blog Posts – These speciality pieces are designed to generate more links and engage readers. They do that by providing custom solutions to unique problems while also giving your company a voice in certain areas. Generating blog posts are a great way to encourage more people to interact with your brand and boost their online user experience.

Authority Articles – If part of your branding strategy is becoming the “go-to” resource for topics in a certain industry, you need authority articles. These are pieces by sites with high domain authority that reference you. The higher the websites SEO Moz trust and authority, the more trust and validation your business will receive. While it can be difficult to obtain, this still remains one of the most effective ways to improve your overall Google search ranking

Infographics – Many people are visual and don’t want to get bogged down with so much content. Infographics can be a great way to produce that Wow factor while showing off useful variations of stats uncovered using Google analytics and other webmaster tools. This type of content is also very sharable on social media sites and a great way to optimize the user experience with your brand.

Press Releases – Whether you have a new product offering, campaign or any other ventures taking place, press releases can be a useful asset. They become even more useful when keyword research is taken into account to find the media outlets, blogs and publishments most related to your topic. Using the Google keyword tool to pack your press release with the buzz words they’re looking for increases the chances of them sharing your content.

Linkbait – Any original content specifically designed to create more links to your website to help you branding strategy. These may not be highly trafficked pieces on their own but implementing them will help people experience your business strategy in ways other than just advertisements. Seekrette works with you to identify, create and develop the right content to expand your social network through journals, niche blogs, publishments, bookmarking sites and more.