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Mobile Is Here To Stay

Mobile Marketing is here and will be for a while. It is a crucial part of any marketing mix which is why our team incorporates it in everything we do from UX design and web development to search engine optimization and SEM.

Mobile Marketing Web Design

If you’re still using a flash website or another non-mobile compatible platform, then it’s time for you to think of rebranding yourself. Not only are the majority of people going mobile these days, it is also one of the fastest growing forms of multi-level marketing. Almost 50% of people take it as a sign that a company doesn’t care if their website isn’t mobile friendly. Don’t hurt your brand performance by not taking advantage of this growing trend as soon as you can!

2015 will mark the first time that Google mobile searches surpassed internet searches while still continuing to grow every year. A $5 billion industry already, it will soon be considered the norm in the business landscape if it isn’t already. Going mobile has become one of the more useful advertising techniques for businesses trying to generate more local intent. It is especially popular because it creates a channel for direct marketing to consumers no matter where they are.

Still wondering whether you will benefit from a mobile marketing strategy? Well here are just a few more reasons why you should consider implementing it in your marketing plan sooner rather than later.

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop
  • 80% of internet users use their smartphone for online searches
  • 70% of mobile browser searches lead to action within the next hour
  • 75% of people bring their phones with them everywhere
  • Mobile users account for 27% of total web usage

Mobile Search Marketing

Whether you’re looking into web or apps, investing in ways to maximize the presence of your applications on Google mobile is one of the most important decisions you can make. The dominance of portable apps and devices are continuing to dominate with More Than 70% of Internet Users surfing from a mobile device!

Your mobile presence should be a part of your branding strategy with the growing popularity of mobile devices. At Seekrette we look at every way to optimize your brand to make sure it is ready for the mobile world by providing extensive marketing research into all areas. As your personal marketing management consultants, we do everything in our power to provide unique custom content and strategies to boost your website rank across all mobile and google search engines.

With mobile marketing already being a multi-billion dollar industry with growth expected to continue, your mobile SEO SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy can help set your marketing strategy apart. Consumers are quick to make up their minds so don’t miss out on them by not optimizing your website design for mobile!