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Data Acquisition & Conversion

Google Analytics

If you’re sitting there thinking “What is Google Analytics?” you should know it’s more than just some useful Search Engine Optimization tips: It is your go-to webmaster tool to maximize your web presence through media relations and your online profile.

As a certified Google Analytic Partner, we use a suite of programs like Google Adsense and Adwords, SEO Moz as well as some of the other latest SEO software to help you reach your goals. We help you pinpoint what’s working and see where adjustments can be made with analytic reports specially prepared with the use of such tools. Conversion rate optimization if the first thing on our minds which is why we give you strategies that help improve everything related to your brand, not just one angle. You can rest easy knowing your Google dashboard is in the hands of our capable digital strategist team.

You want a system that will generate more leads and move your customers down the right sale channels. There are so many ways to make your website discoverable in the market such as finding niche target keywords, clean up title tags, using meta descriptions and more. They can make the difference of someone choosing you or one of your competitors, all of which are things we talk about in our SEO services.


At Seekrette user experience comes first. We enjoy collecting data and using it to better tailor the experience you provide across all digital mediums. We map the user flow to see where they’re coming and going with all of our client websites. This knowledge helps us ensure your important pages are found and give us everything we need to redesign high bounce-rate webpages.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing is one of the oldest tricks in the web book but still extremely effective when combined with images and videos. It gives your leads and customers the ability to tell you what they like by providing multiple options and collecting data on the success rate of each. Red Button or Blue Button? Sliding Homepage Images or Video?

Tests like this illustrate why digital marketing is so effective: Because you can use the quantitative information to make changes and quick decisions.